A special thank you to Ed and Thea Disney for all their hard work hosting this roping and to Mary Brannaman for letting us use their wonderful facility!



 1st  75 points

Scott Grosskopf, Dick Grosskopf, and Ed Disney

 2nd  71 points

Lyman Clark, Seth Redding, and Clint Kapphan

 3rd  56 points

Sam Redding, Seth Redding, and Scott Grosskopf


 1st  65 points

Crystal Lenhart, Staci Grosskopf, and Scott Grosskopf

 2nd  52 points

Travis Good, Jerry Howard, and Juan Ullon

 3rd  48 points

Ross Wald, Logan Clark, and Reata Brannaman


 1st  5 points

Sterling Grosskopf

Sheridan Ranch Roping April 25, 2010