Northern Range Ranch Roping Rules/Point Schedule

One Rope Rule: only one rope per team member is allowed into the arena.

Heading: Each team member must head in one round.

Broken Rope: a broken rope counts as a miss if control of the critter is lost, and the roping may continue. Time restraints remain the same. If attained, Stop and Face points still apply, but any head shot points are lost.

Qualified Catch: A loop must leave the roper’s hand in order to count for points.

Rodear: Not required, but worth 2 points if critters are kept in rodear, as defined by the line across the arena. Only the designated critter to be roped is allowed to cross the line.

Stop and Face: Defined as the critter having all four feet on the ground and facing the header – not required, but worth 2 extra points if achieved: must be called before the first heel loop is thrown.

Wrong Critter Roped: If the wrong critter is roped, it counts as a miss, the rope must be removed and the roping may then continue. Time does not stop, and no points accrue, but misses still count.

Two Ropers Head: If two ropers head the same critter, only one loop can be used to hold the critter, and counts for 6 points. The second loop counts as a miss; that roper can drop his rope with no further penalty, but that loop must be pulled clear of the critter before time is called.

Deep Rope: If on a headshot the critter is roped deep, as a safety measure that rope can be dropped (NOT LOST) by the header, the shot counts as a miss, and the deep rope must be pulled clear before time can be called. If that loop is used to hold the critter, the resulting headshot counts for 6 points.

Illegal heel shot: if a heel shot comes tight on a front foot or feet or any place in front of the front feet, it will be considered a headshot and will count as a miss. Another heel shot must be made and the first shot pulled clear before time is called.

Back-in shot: is considered to be a loop that does not come in between the front and back feet and the animal is moved in a backward motion into the loop. The loop will be worth 5 points + or – at judge’s discretion. However, if an animal is backed into a loop that would obviously catch feet if the critter was moved in a forward motion, as decided by the judge, the team will receive the points for the loop thrown. + or- at judge’s discretion.

Rope Swap: There is no penalty for rope swapping. If one heel is lost on a double heel catch, one point is lost.

Stung heels on down animal: The ground man may string the hind feet on a down animal for a maximum of 5 points.

Rim Fire: is defined as the rope touching a horse or rider blocking the critter or between the header/healer and the critter, or wrapping around the header or healer. Team is DQ.

Loping: Penalty is DQ for team in Open Division, -10 points in the Intermediate Division.

Single High-hock Dally: Up to a 5-point penalty or DQ at Judge’s discretion. Additional points may be lost if dally is not pulled and loop allowed to drop in a timely manner.

Improper Handling: This includes, but is not limited to; choking, dragging, stirring, roughing, or hitting the critter when down: Up to 5-point penalty each incident or DQ at Judge’s discretion.

Lost Rope: 5-point penalty for lost rope.

Rope left on Saddle: a team is disqualified if, for any reason, a team member dismounts in the arena and his/her rope is not tossed to the ground prior to leaving the saddle.

Control of Ground Man’s Horse: must be maintained with the possibility of up to -4 points at judge’s discretion.

4th Team Member: A 4th team member may be used as a ground person for a physically limited team member. The Open Division requires prior approval by the Judge, and the physically limited team member must remain in the saddle. The Intermediate Division requires the 4th person do no more than hold the critter: the Intermediate must move the ropes on head and heels.

Time Limits: 4 minutes total time per team. In the Open Division, there is a 2-minute time limit to make a legal head catch and control the critter. In the Intermediate Division, there is a 3-minute time limit to head the critter. In order to be legal, the rope controlling the headshot must be in the hand of the eligible header at the end of the time limit.

Time stops: when head and heel ropes are strung clean and tight and the ground man is off the calf.

Open Roper on a Intermediate Team: The Open Roper on a Intermediate Team is allowed a maximum of 10 points for a qualified catch.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Any unsportsmanlike conduct deemed so by the Board or Judges will result in immediate termination of the membership of that individual, and all rights thereof.

Judge’s Decisions: All Judge’s decisions are final.



1.The Open division is for all contestants, without regard to age, experience, or gender.

2. Each open roper will be charged a $10 membership fee at each Northern Range Ranch Roping Series sanctioned roping.


1. The Intermediate division is for women any age, children 14yrs. and under, and anyone who hasn't won money in the open.

2. Women and children 14 yrs. and under may enter the Intermediate at any time. All others are advanced to the Open division if they win money in the Open.

3. An Intermediate team may consist of 3 Intermediate ropers, or 2 Intermediate ropers and one Open roper. Intermediate teams must identify the Open roper on their team to the judge upon riding into the arena. The Open roper's loops qualify for a MAXIMUM of 10 points.

4. Intermediate teams may have a fourth person to assist them, but that fourth person is only to hold the critter as a safety measure, and the intermediate ground person must move the ropes, unless the intermediate ground person remains in the saddle.

5. Intermediate teams have a time limit of 3 minutes to head their critter, or time is called.

6. Each intermediate roper will be charged a $10 membership fee at each Northern Range Ranch Roping Series sanctioned roping.


1. The youth roper must be age 10 years or under

2. The point system used for the Youth division will be the same as that used in the Intermediate Division

3. A youth team must consist of one youth and two assisting ropers (assisting ropers will not pay entry fees and their points will not be counted)

4. Only youth points will be counted

5. The youth competition will consist of 2 rounds. In the first round, the youth will neck a designated animal with a breakaway honda. In the second round, one of the two assisting ropers will neck an animal, and the youth will heel it with a solid honda

6. Each youth roper will be charged a $5 membership fee at each Northern Range Ranch Roping Series sanctioned roping.


Del Viento/Turnover 14 
Scoop 10
Houlihan/Backhand 10
Offside Overhand 8
Overhand 6

Contra-Viento 17
Del Viento 15
Turnover hip 15
Backhand over hip 14 
Backhand Strt. Behind hip 14 
Forehand over hip 13 
Scoop hip 14
Backhand hip 12 
Strt. behind hip 12 
Johnny Blocker Trap 10 
Standard hip 10 
Backhand trap 8 
Overhand trap 6
Strung heels on downed animal max 5
Back-in 5

Step over 2
Judges Discretion + or - 2
Completion under 1 minute +3
Completion under 2 minutes +2

Misses -2 
Animal Abuse up to -5 
One heal -1
Lost rope -5
Ground man’s uncontrolled horse up to -4

Rim Fire DQ
Lope DQ
Rope on saddle DQ

Photos and website design
by Mary Williams Hyde