Membership in Northern Range Ranch Roping

Membership culminates with the Finals which is always held during the NILE in October.


Must be a member to rope at NRRRS sanctioned events.

Membership is established by paying 10.00 dollars per man at all ropings attended.

The ropings will collect the membership money as well as  names and addresses and forward to NRRRS Secretary to be listed here on membership list.

Roping Partners

Numerous people have voiced an interest in supporting NRRRS in its activities. 

You can become a roping partner and have your name and address on this page with a $25 or more donation to the NRRRS

Northern Range uses the monies to pay postage, posters, phone, internet etc.   What is left is used toward the Finals.  It is the goal of NRRRS to have enough to pay all expenses at the finals and have a nice added money to the pot.  That takes about $10,000 per year.

We need member support, roping partners and Sponsors to reach that goal!

Here is the list for our members:
Allred Joe 406-360-2114
Balkenbush John 406-278-3569
Balkenbush Candy 406-278-3569
Benefiel Fred 406-273-0170
Blake Beau 406-342-9433
Bond Keith 406-256-1120
Caldwell Richard
Cameron Brad 406-961-1381
Castro Ramone c/o Stewart Reed 307-765-9476
Clark Lonnie 406-222-3604
Crary Dusty 406-466-2245
Curtin Tom 406-698-4670
Curtin Trina 406-698-4670
Delp Dean 406-638-2513
Disney Ed 307-673-4899
Doss Shawn 406-259-9667
Esp Arne 406-638-2080
Esp Ole 406-932-6160
French Caleb 307-737-2412
Grosskopf Dick 406-860-1512
Grosskopf Scott 406-967-2225
Grosskopf Stacy 406-967-2225
Grover Garrick 406-239-1707
Gruel Colter 406-866-3430
Gruel Steve 406-866-3430
Hall Pat 970-568-3113
Hanson Todd 406-669-3158
Harrington Tom 406-235-4216
Harris Thad 406-328-6672
He Does It Marty 406-666-2247
Heth Ty 406-642-9592
Hill Dwight 208-356-8414
Holliday Casey 406-961-5303
Hould Nate 406-256-7485
Johannes Clint 406-672-8136
Jones Boone 406-777-3424
Jones Jerrian 406-777-3424

Mission Statement: The goal of the NRRRS is to promote a form of roping that encourages low stress roping with proper horsemanship and stockmanship, employing a variety of functional and, sometimes, fancy loops. To this end, the NRRRS sponsors ranch roping clinics and events to teach and promote this style of roping.

History In the early 1990s, Joe Wolter of Grass Valley, California, came to Montana and started putting on ranch roping clinics. He caught the cowboys' attention with the variety of loops he taught, many of which had their origins with the Spanish vaqueros. Joe basically taught how to rope either end of an animal from any position as well as the proper, safe and easy handling of livestock. Joe spoke often of the ranch roping contests held in California, Nevada and Oregon.

This prompted the first ranch roping contest in Montana to be held in Red Lodge in July 1998. Judged by Joe, this roping was a timed, three-man calf branding with bonuses for fancy loops thrown. Later that fall, a three-man calf doctoring contest was held in Three Forks.

In the spring of 1999, numerous interested parties were contacted by Chas Weldon, and the Northern Range Ranch Roping Series (NRRRS) was born. That year there were 7 timed contests - some brandings and others, doctorings. As the ropings progressed, the rules evolved to include safety issues, cattle handling and horsemanship. The Carriage House Ranch in Big Timber was the site of the first NRRRS Finals. Major sponsors that year were King Ropes, Lextron Animal Health, Weldon Halters and Stockman Bank.

The year 2000 turned up 8 ropings and a major change in the philosophy of the series. To fit our goals of low-stress cattle handling, a move was made from timed contests to point contests. Points are earned for fancy or difficult catches and proper handling of cattle. That year, Western Ranch Supply, Stockman Bank and Double Diamond Halters gave great support to the series.

In 2001, 9 ropings filled the schedule, including three ropings in Wyoming. Stepping to the plate as sponsors were Stockman Bank, Double Diamond Halters and Western Ranch Supply.

The 2002 season featured 13 ropings. The finals - like the previous two years- were hosted by the NILE and held in the Super Barn at Metra Park in Billings. Sponsors that year were Stockman Bank, 1st Interstate Banks of Hardin and Billings, 1st Interstate Foundation, Champion Cinch, Western Ranch Supply and Agri-News/Camp Runamuck.

The NRRRS continues to build interest from people throughout the United States and Canada.

Kapphan Clint 406-537-4590
Kapphan Katie 406-537-4590
Keegan Josh 307-620-2533
Klebenow Cid 406-580-3979
Krueger Kegan 406-321-0938
LaFranboise Rich 406-256-8119
Landis Ethan 406-338-5741
Leingang Tony 406-240-9872
Lenhart Crystal 307-672-6926
Lile Bob 406-875-2119
Mackay Charlie 406-591-4420
Madrigal Erica 406-570-8744
Madrigal Salvador 406-570-8744
Mann Lloyd 406-468-2993
Marquis Wes 406-736-5448
Mattison Danny 406-689-3458
McManus Jim 307-568-3730
Overturf Dick 406-425-7243
Peterson Kenny 406-279-3256
Redding Sam 406-666-2330
Redding Seth 406-666-9169
Redding Stacee 406-666-9169
Ruckman Bruce 406-467-2406
Sargent Dale 406-437-4492
Sargent Wes 406-537-4492
Trexler Larry 406-363-4556
Trexler Reed 406-642-6030
Velasco Luis 406-660-0065
Vero Louis 406-244-5285
Wagner Jared 307-467-5907
Wallace Ridge 406-467-2668
Wallace Sparky 406-467-2668
Wilcox Troy 406-321-0290
Woods Paul 406-539-6389
Wylder Tim 406-727-5522
Zuppan Dewey 406-578-2329

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